Wednesday, March 14, 2012

C. #28

 Warning: this post is very picture heavy and you may get sick of seeing my face in almost every picture.

Alannah Hill Cardigan, Karla Spetic Shirt and YSL Ring

Saint James Top, Topshop Pants and Boots, Karla Spetic Shirt (worn underneath), YSL Ring, AWang Rocco

Gail Sorronda Dress

Minty Meets Munt Shirt, Lover Shorts, AWang Rocco, Chanel Flats, MBMJ and Miu Miu Bracelet

Topshop Sweater, Karla Spetic Shirt (worn underneath), Lover Shorts, Chanel Flats, MBMJ Bracelet, YSL Clutch

Melbourne photo diary.
  1. Dinner at Gingerboy; Food and ambience of the restaurant was great! A must try is the son in law eggs, they're so very yummy and uniquely made for people that love eggs. It started pouring as we left the restaurant so had to cab it to Crown casino. Nothing special at Crown, but it's definitely more grand than The Star. 
  2. Hosier Lane aka graffiti lane; this is a pretty bad photo considering my eyes are closed and all, but the composition of it looks pretty nice with the zig zag stairs in the background.
  3. Flinders Street Station; Public transport in Melbourne was surprisingly easy use. Trains in particular was pretty straightforward and arrived more frequently than ones in Sydney. Trams however did get a bit confusing for me but then I figured out that they only operate in a straight line. 
  4. Federation Square; those grass cubes are so cute! Visited the ACMI to check out a few exhibitions. 
  5. Melbourne Central; I think everyone that visits Melbourne will take a photo similar to this. It is pretty cool but didn't linger around Melbourne Central for too long as most of the shops there weren't that great. I did however try Lord of the Fries there and it was pretty decent. 
  6. Dinner at Cutler & Co; The food was pretty spectacular but too bad I was bloated from drinking too much cider! I loved the chocolate and salted caramel icecream sandwich though, all my favourite things in one dish. Photo also features my $6 Hello Kitty wannabe iPhone case from eBay that ripped :( so sad, now I have to find a replacement. 
  7. Brunch at Hardware Societe; The tiny pan in which my scrabbled eggs was in is just too cute!
  8. I actually forgot where this is but it's the park near Melbourne Museum. The exhibitions at Melbourne Museum were interesting but I was so horrified at the bugs and insects section where they had a cabinet full of cockroaches and spiders and all the crawly things I hate. 
  9. Dinner at Movida Aqui; Food was mediocre, nothing to rave about. I did enjoy the potato balls featured in the picture, but then again I like all things made out of potato.
  10. Royal Arcade; Being touristy and taking photos around Bourke St and GPO.
  11. Eureka Skydeck; The views at night of Melbourne is breathtaking! I'm a bit too happy looking posing with my Ben & Jerry icecream featuring night view of Melbourne in the background.
  12. Topshop; I was so excited going into Topshop, I swear I spent half my Melbourne trip inside Topshop browsing and trying on items. I found prices overall to be pretty decent but it's definitely a bit more pricier than the website but they do offer 10% off for students. The sales staff informed me that the Sydney Topshop is due to open in August 2012 and it'll be 3 levels, so much bigger than the Melbourne store which is only 1 level. 

Lastly for those of you that are looking for the Alexander Wang Rocco with rosegold hardware, it is now back in stock on Shopbop and they also have the Diego in rosegold too! 

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