Monday, December 19, 2011

M. #14

Dinner at Rise restaurant 

Alice McCall dress (left), paperheart dress (right)
Alice McCall dress, Tony Biano shoes and Chanel necklace 
Croquembouche from La Renaissance

Thought i would post up some photos of the massive wave of 21st birthdays i've been to this past month or so!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

C. #21

Amy Kaehne Silk Oversized Shirt

Miss Unkon Sea Breeze Shirt 
Miss Unkon Pretty Lady Singlet

First of all, Happy (belated) Birthday to my fellow blog mate M! I hope you had a memorable day being with your family and friends and receiving lots of enviable gifts. 

So yesterday I attended the 'VIP' day for The Big Fashion Sale which was held at District 01. There were quite a lot of brands available at the sale at very reasonable prices. I managed to control myself from going overboard in buying too many items that I don't really need in my wardrobe. The sale ends this Sunday so if you have time, do pop by and grab yourself a bargain!

Monday, December 5, 2011

M. #13

Hermes H Bangle

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Rayban wayfarers, Coco Madmoiselle Twist and Spray EDP, Chanel highlighting powder

Chanel necklace

Chanel sandals
Hermes scarf
Takamine acoustic guitar

I feel way too spoilt this year! I definitely won't be buying anything for a while... A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate my 21st with me. It was the best day ever!