Monday, June 11, 2012

M. #23

I've always thought that I would save money during the exam period... But staying at home and 'studying' has caused me to spend a lot more than I had anticipated. During these past two weeks, this is what I have received in the mail:

1. Topshop floral blazer
2. Shakuhachi cape dress
3. Asos gold spike bracelet
4. Alexander Wang prisma clutch in petrol (scored it off Barneys on sale!)
5. Asos white tassel loafers
6. American Apparel pants in dusty pink

On a side note, I'm still loving my parka to bits! Getting so much wear out of it in this cold cold weather!

Stylestalker rebellion parka, sister's Prada tote, House of Harlow necklace

xx M.

1 comment:

  1. Haha yes you think you would save but there is so much to window shop on the internet! Ahh and so jealous of your parka, it's lovely!