Monday, January 16, 2012

C. #23

  1. Went to Ms G's a few weeks ago with C and R. The mini burger things are actually suppose to be Vietnamese rolls, they were really good with crispy pork belly and chicken. The dessert shown is called Stoner's Delight which consisted of a honey coated bacon strip and home made doughnut ice cream along with other interesting flavours. 
  2. To celebrate M's return from her holiday, we had dinner at Toko in Surry Hills. The food was good but came in very small portions and the meal was on the pricey side.
  3. Had a seafood feast at the Fish Markets with J and Q.
  4. Spent a day with A at Chatswood, shopping at Daiso and eating desserts at ZenQ. The dessert pictured is called Mango Danish which was quite nice but way too much for one person to finish!
  5. Finally got the chance to try Holy Basil's fried ice cream. Definitely the best fried ice cream I've ever tasted! 
I'm posting about food for a change since I've been too busy working. The girls and I have complied a list of restaurants that we want to try and above are some that we have crossed out of our list. 
M's return means that I received a nice present which I shall post about soon! 

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