Sunday, September 18, 2011

C. #8

Minty Meets Munt shirt, Lover shorts, Unknown cardigan, Ferragamo shoes, YSL clutch 

Today consisted of a fail study session at my local library and a nice long dinner and dessert with J, where we talked about people we would or would not date. I find that whenever I go to restaurants I always order the same dishes. Say for tonight, we had Thai and as usual we ordered our default chicken pad see yew and massaman beef curry. I'm not sure why we never order anything different, maybe it's because we don't like to deviate from the norm. The waffles with strawberry and white chocolate was delish but I think the ones we make at M's house comes pretty damn close - ice magic does the trick. 

Anyways, I've been on a hunt for nice comfortable flats for everyday and was advised by a customer yesterday to try Bloch ballet flats. I've read lots of positive reviews on Bloch from Vogue but never had the time to physically go to a Bloch store to try it. Hopefully they will have the right shade of nude when I eventually decide to pay it a visit... 

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